Queen’s Speech 2017

Condemned for a remarkable “lack of direction” our lame-duck government faced the country today with no plan and no majority.

After watching the ‘Queen’s Speech’, a chance for Britain to hear the government’s plans set out for the years ahead, many were left deflated and disappointed.

The main themes of this election were ignored completely. There were no plans to stop real terms cuts to the NHS, the police or to our schools.

And the old crutch of the Conservative party, the economy, was barely mentioned either. If we just listened to the Conservatives we’d have no idea the country was sinking further into debt every day. But that’s the truth of it.

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said,

“People up and down the country are seeing our schools and hospitals in crisis. Proposed Tory cuts will leave our children in overcrowded classes in underfunded and crumbling schools, the sick left on trolleys in hospital corridors and the vulnerable without the vital services they rely on.

“This speech is bereft of any real solutions to these issues.

“The only thing that stayed the same was the Tories’ obsession with Brexit.”

The Conservatives commitment to a hard Brexit deal will cost them dearly though, and billions that could have been used on our hospitals, schools and police will instead be sent to Northern Ireland to get support for an extreme Brexit deal.

One ray of sunlight shone through for local campaigners though as the Conservatives caved on the dreaded ‘Dementia Tax’, kicking it into the long grass. This will be pleasing for Liberal Democrats who campaigned hard for pensioners rights on both the Dementia Tax and to save the Lib Dem pension ‘Triple Lock’, which the government have also u-turned on today.

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